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  • Trending Finishes

    Trending Finishes

    In the past few months, we have seen a great demand for Black and Rose Gold fittings. 

    Many companies are keeping light fittings and sanitaryware in the exact finish. 

    If you are furnishing your home and want to get with this trend, we have a large range of Door Handles, Hinges, Locks, Cabinet Handles and more in Black and Rose Gold. 

    Come visit our showroom to see them or give us a call or send us an email and we will gladly send you some pictures.





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  • The Perfect Door Handle

    The Perfect Door Handle

    I was recently asked by my online marketing company to write a blog on "the perfect door handle." This got me thinking...Is there really such a thing? So I decided to write this blog.


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  • Why installing a high quality lock is a good investment?

    Why installing a high quality lock is a good investment?

    With crime on the rise in South Africa, securing your home is our first line of defence against break in's and robberies. Apart from installing electric fence's, passives, beams and CCTV cameras. A high-quality lock goes a long way when keeping burglars at bay. Here at Decor Handles, we like to advise our client's not necessarily on the more expensive choice of the lock but more secure. Our wide range of security locks and cylinders for different applications are all internationally and locally approved to keep you safe and sound. 

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  • Classic or Modern?

    Classic or Modern?

    Welcome to our first blog post. We hope you enjoy the content and follow our blog for the latest trends in decorative hardware and fittings.

    One of the most common questions that arise when building or renovating is what style is my project? The style will affect your purchasing decision for your handles. At Decor Handles we tend to advise our customers to be uniform throughout and to go with same or similar style handles throughout. Your handles must correspond with the style of door's you choose, the light fittings, bathroom taps, and even your furniture. Whether you are choosing to go for the Modern look or classic look or an antique look. We have a large range online and in store.

    If you are not sure what style your project is and need help deciding which handles to go with. Get in touch with us for advice. Make sure to send us pictures of your doors, and other fittings in the home or office so we can give you our professional advice. We have done many projects of all different styles and are looking forward to sharing many of them with you.

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